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Dita’s Amazing New Interview: Sex And The Magic Of Self-Created Glamour

Here is the Video from the mesmerizing recent interview Dita did for The Guardian. Take a look!

Watch as she beautifully puts into words exactly what burlesque means to her and to so many other women out there. She talks vividly about the elegance of “created beauty” (for example, seeing sculpture, painting, architecture, fashion, corsetry, and makeup as superior to natural beauty in many ways).

She also discusses using fashion and makeup as a way to morph into what you truly want to be, and about doing this as a means of “self-creation” and “self-expression” that’s very empowering.

Elegant and inspiring, as always!

The Vespa: ALWAYS Retro Chic!

Nothing says summer cool like a Vespa!

This is the mod mode of transportation for the  gorgeous Audrey Hepburns and Marcello Mastroiannis of the world. Ladies, pull on a bright head scarf, gents pull on some retro shades, and feel the wind on your face and the sun at your back as you ride in style!

Not only do they look great with everything from wrap dresses to swing skirts to capris, Vespas are also surprisingly easy to drive. (You don’t even need a motorcycle license to use the 50cc model!) So take one out for a spin today.

Need a little more inspiration? This uber-stylish Gwen Stefani video “Cool” is overflowing with 50s style, suave italian cool, and rockin’ Vespas! Just take a peek:

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